Motivational Candy Girl Of The Week Bertha Ortega #17

Motivational Candy Girl Of The Week Bertha Ortega #17 – This week we bring you our beautiful eye candy, candy girl, model and entrepreneur or as you’ve come to know our beauties as Weekly Motivational Candy Girls.  This week we have 24-year-old Ms “Bertha Ortega” all the way from Winston, California.  Bertha is our 17th candy girl for the week of May 2nd to May 8th, 2016, and she shares with us that her favourite food is Ceviche.

Ms Bertha also shares with us that she does not care for pick up lines and that the ideal man will need to be smart, ambitious, tall, and last but not least with her weakness of Green Eyes.

To bring out the best features in this diva beauty, we found out that Bertha enjoys working with her favourite photographer Mr Natha Frye,

Find out more on Bertha moves as she continues to bring you all the hot shots from her IG, FB and Twitter pages, and make sure that you keep a towel around for all the drooling you’ll be doing.  Enjoy!

Ms Alexis can be found on links below for bookings.

Instagram: queenbee_ortega
 Twitter: beeortega07
 Facebook: Bertha Ortega
Snap chat: beee_ortega

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