Street Motivation was invited to attend the Hip Hop Vs. Rock Event by ACF Production “Big Duke” of Psycho Realm, that went down this Saturday Night at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, there were so many great Rock and Hip Hip Acts from Killah Priest, NME, Diciples of the Sick, All Else Fails, Gavlyn, Rebellion Warfare, Aztlan Underground, Subliminal Tactiks and Musical Junkies with positive vibes, lot’s of energy and a crazy fan base, so crazy that they didn’t even mind pushing each other around on the dance floor as the Rock artist blazed the building with sounds of hard core music.  Finishing the night out with a few performances from some of the late members of the Wu-Tang Clan and a hot number from our very own west coast performing artist “Planet Asia”.  Check out some of the pics we gathered from last nights show and there’s more under “Photo’s” .


Hip Vs. Rock Event DSC02480 DSC02514 DSC02519 DSC02536 DSC02546