Reime Schemes is a Detroit, MI MC who is known for solid lyricism, and gritty flow. Since moving here to the west coast, he has collaborated with the likes Young Noble of the Outlawz, Spice 1, Yukmouth, and Kurupt.


Recently Reime Schemes as released a new single and video called Island Flame. The track features the reggae/ Dance Hall duo, Nashoo and Haya & latin/ reggae artists, El Jamexican. The song is a blend of hip-hop & dance hall with a hint of latin vibes. Nashoo provides a catchy and Caribbean sounding hook that pulls a listener right into the track. Haya drops a flaming first verse that compliments the hook and overall vibe of the song. His cadence has a lot of bounce to it and drives a listener to groove with every line. The next verse is Reime Schemes who gives us that traditional hip-hop aesthetic. What is impressive is he starts rapping in Spanish midway into his verse. It is also a smooth transition when he starts rapping again in English to finish the remainder of his verse. Last on the track is El Jamexican, whose verse is entirely in Spanish. His flow and cadence is very fluid and infectious. His performance is very melodic and it provides that latin fire to the track. The video is shot beautifully with shots of the pier, the club, and even the Eiffel tower. The video is also filled with gorgeous woman and people dancing to the groove of the track. Dj’s if you don’t have this in your playlist of club records, you are seriously messing up!


-Justin Muzack