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Press Release J Mocha is an R&B artist from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He’s been deeply entrenched in music since he was a youth and his career continues to grow. He’s more than your average R&B sing-song type, he’s also a talented dancer and rapper. His choreography is a smooth mix of 90’s hip-hop sequences with modern fashion, and he moves well. Growing up between Pine Bluff, Arkansas and Chicago has given his style a slight edge which you can easily hear coming through on “The Pine Bluff Cypher.”

J Mocha’s debut EP is titled “Deal or No Deal” and there is something for everyone on this album; you can cruise through the trap, dance to the bass, break-up and makeup, or turn down the lights, light a candle, and watch the look on your woman’s face. This debut speaks to his essence as an artist and you can hear the amount of hard work he poured into the project; when you listen to the album you get a distinct feeling of neo-soul and 90’s nostalgia. His voice control and tone have been honed to an expert level and it makes his sound very pleasing to listen to. J Mocha isn’t what the game’s been missing, he’s what the game needs. “Deal or No Deal” is nine tracks long and available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, google play, or the Microsoft Store.

His latest single “My Apology” is an amazing lovers’ ballad with a heartfelt video to match; “My Apology” also shows us a softer side to the R&B artist who is well known for his sensual jams such as “Freak Mode” and his street anthem “We Does That” featuring Impressive. The video opens up showing us a scene of a wedding in an open field – the sun is shining, the leaves have all fallen, and it’s a perfect day to get married. Off in the background, a dark secret is waiting to be revealed; the groom has been hiding a second family. The bride’s heart is broken and the song breaks in as J Mocha serenades us down a trip through memory lane. Every couple goes through a few rough times and when you love someone secrets are bound to be revealed; the question is ‘are you ready to forgive the things that are impossible to forget?’ “My Apology” was created for lovers around the world asking themselves that very same question, and while J Mocha may not have the answer he definitely has the voice to help you find your way to it. – www.TheJMocha.com