Los Angeles MidNight Records Now Closed 🙁

1Many of you may not have ever stepped foot in the doors of Midnight Records which was the #1 independent Hip-Hop retailer in Los Angeles, CA., while many of you were made star’s from the Mics of Midnight Records, with a few neighborhood celebrities and Battle rappers that still hold the top ranking of a top Battle Emcee from Midnight Records.  Either or the doors have recently closed to this legendary spot that we’ve called the home of music for over 20 years plus.  Some may say darn and keep it moving, while some of us are saying Damn! And know that this means another door closed on Hip Hop and Jobs in community.  Many of us “Music lovers, producers, singers, rappers, writers, performers, etc.” are not paying attention to all the doors that are closing around us regarding Hip Hop.  Some artists seem to enjoy giving their music away for free,  while others are trying to continue making a living off of what they’ve worked so hard at and know their worth.  Record Shops, Hip Hop Magazines, Club Owners, Hip Hop Clothing and Recording Studios all have something in common, “The daily Fight”, the fight to keep Hip Hop alive for you as the artist, but it’s a fight that we as independent owners are losing, due to not enough support from artists who claim to love a genre’ so much that they don’t think twice to support.  Instagram and Facebook shows the disrespect of so many artists who show off their dollars and bundles of marijuana sales, but will still call a independent business for free items, and will not spend a dime to assist with keeping any business doors open. In the 80’s Hip Hop artist’s loved and supported everything about hip hop, from wearing poke-a-dots like Qwame, Bamboo Earrings like Salt N Pepe’, or even Shell Top Adidas like Run DMC, while grabbing a Right On Magazine and a Yo Baby Yo T-Shirt from the brutha on the corner, we supported!  When you love something you support it! You don’t watch it die and keep on texting.

We at Street Motivation Magazine apologize for not paying attention to the signs, and saddened by the closed doors, and we thank Sam for all of his years in fighting for and supporting Hip Hop!